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The Federal Government in 2004 passed the Health Savings Account (HSA) bill.   In 2006 the Congress and Senate are expected to pass the Association Health Plan (AHP) Act which will allow small business owners to purchase Health Insurance using the same rules used by large companies and trade unions.  The Federal Association Health Plan bill will save small businesses from having to struggle with the current mish-mash of associated health plans offered on the state level.


A major breakthrough in 2004 for small business owners and their employees, WAS THE ability to enroll in a DEDUCTIBLE Health Plan, with at least a $1,000 annual deductible for an individual and $2,000 for a family, AND THEN set up a TAX FREE Health Savings Account that can be used to pay health care, dental services, and prescription drugs, not otherwise paid by the health insurance programs, directly from the TAX FREE savings account.


Until recently, small business owners have had very few insurance choices and often opted to go without health coverage for themselves and their employees.   Health Savings Accounts now provide small business owners a new LOW COST option by combining a Deductible Health Insurance plan and a first-dollar tax deductible Health Savings Account at the lowest possible cost.  Even the interest earned on an HSA account is TAX FREE.  The funds not used during a year can be carried forward until you die.  This is better than an IRA or 401(k).


Contact F. Darrell Lindsey, the DIRECTOR of Insurance for the Combined Industry Purchasing Group Association if you are interested in learning more about Health Insurance for small business owners.     


F. Darrell Lindsey

U. S. State Licensed Agent/Broker

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