State’s are making every effort possible to boost the number of people with health insurance benefits.    Small businesses employ over 50% of all workers.   However, small firms are less likely to offer Health Care benefits to employees and the monthly premiums that workers must pay are more.




1. The percentage of firms offering health benefits have  been;

                3-9 Workers    – 55% offer health insurance                                         

                10-24 workers – 76% offer                                                   

                25-49 workers – 84% offer


2. The insurance costs rise more for small firms;

                 3 - 199 workers   – 15.5% a year

                 200-999 workers – 12.4% a year


3. The Worker pays more in monthly premium for firms with:

                 3-199 workers             – $233.00 per month

                 200 or more workers – $174.00 per month


The Federal Government wants to pass legislation to allow Industry “Association Health Plans” to be organized in a single state that will allow Association members to join and become a “large” group that can provide more benefits at less cost.   Association Health Plans will be a VIABLE OPTION.


States are passing laws that allow small businesses, with fewer than 50 workers, to become exempt from certain STATE “Mandated” health benefits, such as chiropractic care and other similar coverage(s).  This could reduce costs by 25% in and of itself.


To obtain more information about Group Health Insurance for small Business Owners, or to receive a quote for your own Group Health Insurance program, please contact  F. Darrell Lindsey, the program Administrator and State LICENSED Producer, using the contact information provided.


F. Darrell Lindsey

U. S. State Licensed Agent/Broker