It is only recently that health insurance has paid for “cradle to grave” coverage.  In 1960 consumers paid for nearly 60% of their healthcare directly; the government paid for about 20%.  By 1980 consumers were paying for only 28%; the government was up to 40%; and private health insurance was up to 32%.   In 2000, the consumer is only paying 15%; the government 45%; and private health insurance 40%.


In the first 20 years, the government saw an increase in its coverage by 100% and the private sector insurance grew by 70%, while the consumer expenditures DROPPED by 54%.


The government increase is explained by the advent of Medicare and Medicaid; however, still alarming.


The consumer has been winning at the cost of HIGHER Health Care costs with CRADLE TO GRAVE INSURANCE BEING OFFERED.



                                                            F. Darrell Lindsey

                                                            U.S. State Licensed Insurance Broker