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The Small Business Owners Point of Service (POS) “group health” plan will usually cost a participant less when it comes to “routine” care type health care services.   This is generally true because the insured person is charged only a simple co-pay for office visits.  Point-of-service (POS) plans can benefit anyone that uses a high volume of routine care health services, such as families with children, pregnant women, or anyone who sees a primary doctor regularly, say for colds and flu.  Most men are less prone to regular  care and therefore would use the benefits of a POS less.   Women and children that require regular and routine care are more satisfied with a POS health plan, IF it can be justified as being affordable.


One of the big benefits of a Point-of-Service (POS) plan is the ability to go out of the network for specialized care. The insured can see non-network doctors on occasion and still get SOME of the costs covered.  A Preferred-Provider Organization (PPO) Health Care plans also has this benefit of flexible patient use of services.



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U. S. State Licensed Agent/Broker