Most businesses are required by law to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees, so the challenge of every employer is to obtain the most advantageous arrangements for coverage.  Today, a secure policy and affordable price are just part of the consideration because the availability of value-added services can make a difference in the expenses and overall productivity of a workplace.


As a specialist, our office understands this line of insurance.  In examining a business’s operations, we can identify the likely sources of injuries and illnesses which, in turn, enables us to properly assist in the prevention of accidents, help minimize medical and indemnity claim costs, offer a properly priced policy, and much more.  Before choosing among insurers, consider: the stability and track record of the company; the terms that can be incorporated into a policy; the range of services provided; the professionalism of the staff; AND the personalized attention you can expect to receive.





March 01, 2005

In New York, the decision in Douglas Boles v. Dormer Giant Inc. stipulates that businesses without workers’ compensation insurance cannot be protected from third party liability.  The case began when a worker fell from a two-story scaffolding and was injured in 2001.  The worker filed litigation against Dormer Giant, though he was hired by the subcontractor. Dormer Giant in turn sued the subcontractor that claimed it could not be sued because it had not purchased workers comp insurance.  Dormer argued that the state law protecting firms from third party liability did not apply because the subcontractor failed to follow regulations requiring it to purchase workers’ comp coverage.  While the lower courts sided with the subcontractor, the New York Court of Appeals overturned their decisions, noting that verdicts in favor of the subcontractor would merely encourage other firms to disobey workers’ comp requirements.