Below shows which rating bureau is responsible for filing forms and endorsements on behalf of all insurers in each state, and the five states that require insurers to file their own forms.  Naturally, the NCCI form and the NCCI endorsements are the required forms and endorsements in the 32 jurisdictions where NCCI is the designated workers compensation rating bureau.  All eight states that use an independent rating bureau have also elected to designate the NCCI policy and endorsements as the required forms, along with a number of additional state-specific endorsements drafted by the state rating bureau.  Five states require each insurer to file its proposed forms and endorsements for approval.  In these states, many insurers elect to file NCCI forms and endorsements.


Insurers must use forms submitted by NCCI on behalf of all insurers in these states:


            Alabama                      Georgia                        Maryland                      Oregon

            Alaska                          Idaho                           Mississippi                    Rhode Island

            Arizona                        Illinois                          Missouri                       South Carolina

            Arkansas                      Iowa                             Montana                      South Dakota

            Colorado                      Kansas                         Nebraska                     Tennessee

            Connecticut                  Kentucky                     New Hampshire            Utah

            District of Columbia     Louisiana                     New Mexico                 Vermont

            Florida                         Maine                           Oklahoma                    Virginia


Insurers must use forms filed on behalf of all insurers by an independent bureau in these states:


            Delaware                      Indiana                       North Carolina              Texas

            Hawaii                          Massachusetts             Pennsylvania               Wisconsin


Insurers are required to file their own forms in these states:


            California                     Minnesota                    New York

            Michigan                      New Jersey


The monopolistic fund states are Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.