Business Owners sometimes find that Insurance does not seem to make much sense.  An Agent asks a few questions, inquires about the claims you may have had, talks about payroll and gross receipts, wants to know the limits of liability you want quoted, and that’s about it.  The Agent seems to fill in the rest and you sign the form.  HOWEVER, to a “SPECIALIST”, it is a lot more than that.  If all you collect is the basic information noted above, then the quote you will be provided will be a general basic main street quote out of the box.


Please print the Application KIT that applies to your business and FAX BACK to the fax number identified below to obtain your quote.   Please do not leave any question blank – show NONE.


For an Agent/Producer, there are over 2,500 different licensed Insurance Companies that may have a program or has developed a specialty for your type of business operation. Experience, having earned the respect and confidence of the Insurance Companies, and being able to provide nationwide access to the major markets, can make a difference in the insurance quoted.


The difference between the Business Owners and types of operations,  such as where you are located, cliental, years of experience, owner/operated business or corporate/investor owned, and  what are the specific services being rendered.   These factors are as different as night and day between one business operation and another.  For that reason, experience, street smarts, and having access to all of the available markets, DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   WITH OVER 46 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE NATIONWIDE – THAT WE HAVE!  WE CAN HELP!


Below is a partial list of the types of businesses our office has been involved in most recently.  If you do not see listed your operations, please call 1-866-937-7037, FAX 1-866-937-7010, or

E-mail for an immediate response.






            Audio/Video Home Installation

            Audio/Video Mobile Installation

            Bar and Tavern Business

            Bed and Breakfast Inns

            Business Owners Policy


            ◘ Churches

            ◘ Convenience Stores

            ◘ Convention & Trade Shows

            ◘ Dry Cleaners or Stations

            ◘ Grocery Stores

            ◘ Habitational Properties

            Hotel and Motels

            ◘ Landlord Rental Properties

            Liquor Stores

            Micro Brewery

            ◘ Mobile Home Parks

            ◘ Nightclub

            ◘ Resorts


            ◘ Smoke Shops

            ◘ Theater

            ◘ Trailer Parks



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46 Years Experience

U.S. Licensed Agent/Broker


Also Available:

            Workers Compensation

            Group Health Insurance / Individual Health

            Employment Practices Liability

            Business Building Property

            Business Contents Property

            Directors and Officers Liability

            Business Auto / Incidental to Business

            Commercial Auto / Primary Business Purpose     

            Surety & Fidelity Bonds

            Excess Liability

            Business Owners Policy

            Product Liability

            Cyber Liability


The above is nowhere near complete, however F. D. Lindsey is licensed nationwide, with over 46 years experience, and is contracted with most of the available insurance companies offering quotes for the above business classes.  FDL is able to respond to any request. 




Should you have any questions about a specific business risk class not directly identified above, please call 1-866-937-7037, FAX 1-866-937-7010 or E-mail