New Insurance Buyer Study identifies that Health Insurance has become unaffordable but still remains necessary.


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH/FEBRUARY, 2006 – F. DARRELL LINDSEY, a SLC, UT-based U.S. Licensed Insurance Producer and Broker with over 46 years experience, representing the Life & Health and Property and Casualty insurance programs, today released findings from his study of business insured’s throughout the United States regarding the high cost of Health Insurance.  The report found that most Group Health Insurance programs today consist of “HMO” (Health Maintenance Organizations) programs, “PPO” (Preferred Provider) options, or “POS” – (Point of Service) plans.  There are very few “DHP” – (Deductible Health Plans) being offered.   The reason is, insurance companies collect less premium, insurance agents make less commission, and buyers are happy to let their employers pay higher premiums while the insured employee thinks nothing of the $10 dollar co-pay.  THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!


The new name being promoted by the Federal Government is “CONSUMER DRIVEN” Health Insurance.


Recent government studies noted that for every 5% increase in Health Premiums an additional one million American’s become “uninsured”. With Health Insurance premiums increasing from 10% to 20% a year across the U.S., the uninsured has become a CRISIS!


In 2004 – the Federal Government passed the Individual “Health Saving Account” (HSA) bill allowing individuals to set aside up to $2,600 and families up to $5,150, to pay for uninsured health care and dental costs.  These savings accounts are expected to increase in 2005 under President Bush’s new Health Care program.  To qualify, a DHP (deductible health plan) must be in force with a deductible of at least $1,000 for an individual and $2,000 for a family.  Unused funds deposited into a Health Savings Account can be carried forward TAX FREE even to death.  A Health Savings Account (HSA) program is even better than a 401K or IRA in that all earnings and interest are TAX FREE.   The Health Savings Account owner can spend the “HSA” funds to pay health care and dental costs (for example) that are not otherwise paid by insurance, thru the simple use of a Debit Card attached to the Health Savings Account funds on deposit.   In 2006 this program will be expanded.


F. Darrell Lindsey has established relationships with a number of Insurance Companies that sell DHP (deductible health plans) and has contracted with Financial Institutions that offer Health Savings Account Debit Cards.


F. Darrell Lindsey Insurance Services is able to respond to any inquiry regarding “Deductible” and “Full Coverage” Health Insurance Plans, with or without the optional Health Savings Account, for Business Owners throughout the United States and Self-Funded programs.


The purpose of this health insurance study was to help identify that there are options available for business owners to obtain Health Insurance for themselves and to offer Health Insurance to their employees.  FDL Insurance Services is qualified to respond to the needs of the small Business Owner insurance needs anywhere in the United States and is able to meet the business-owners Health Insurance needs or Business Property and Casualty Insurance coverage.


                                                                                                F. Darrell Lindsey

                                                                                                U.S. State Licensed Agent/Broker


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