25 to 500


For your company to consider a Self-Funded Health Insurance

Plan you need to ask yourself:

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● Do you want to gain greater control over your

Employees benefit plan design?


● Do you want to better understand the cost and financing

Of the benefit plan you provide?











● Do you possess an entrepreneurial approach to balancing

   financial risk versus rewards?


● Do you want to become involved in decisions relating to your benefit plan?


● Do you want to receive data and management reports in support of making

   informed benefit decisions?


● Do you want to create a three- to five-year financial plan that will eliminate

   the need to “benefit shop” every year?

Please note a few of the reasons Business Owners with 25 or more employees should consider a Self-Funded and reinsured stop-loss Health Insurance Plan.






● Your premium dollars are minimized;

● The Employer(s) know where their money is being spent;

● Financial safety nets protect the employer from any high risk;

● The Employer will save a considerable amount of money on their employee

   Benefit plan!

A Self-Funded Health Insurance program is an excellent alternative to a fully insured benefit plan.


                                                                                    F. Darrell Lindsey

                                                                                    U.S. State Licensed Agent/Broker

                                                                                    State Approved Captive Manager

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